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    RDA's / RTA's / Mechanical

    RDA's / RTA's / Mechanical

    RDAs and RTAs stand for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.

    The main reason of the rebuildable vape tanks is to give you the option to create your own vaping experience, instead of relying on manufacturers’ designs to give you the vape you desire, and to save some money compared to buying premade coil heads for tanks.

    Mechanical Mods are E-Cigs which are completely mechanical, meaning they are not designed with wiring or circuit boards.

    These E-Cigs are designed for the advanced user and are used mostly with rebuildable (RBA) atomizers and at low ohms. If you're new to vaping you may want to check out our Vaping starter kits or explore the rest of our Vaping kits range.

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